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Chakra 7 Reviews

Chakra 7 Reviews – Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing

chakra healingIf you’re looking for honest Chakra 7 Reviews, you’ve reached the right place. I have purchased and tried it in its entirety to actually know what is in it and if it really works or not. All of us have valuable Chakras in our body that are very important to our overall well being. These are also known as the centers of the body. When one or more of the Chakras are blocked, it may affect a person’s physical health, mental health and emotional health. If the Chakras are blocked this would also affect a person’s personal life, career and financial stability. Problems like these could easily be remedied by the removing the block, the Chakra 7 by Carol Tuttle is essential in knowing the steps in Chakra healing. The wisdom of the Chakra in one’s life is an old knowledge that has been used even in the present modern day time because of its effectiveness and proven method. Another course I enjoyed learning so much from that I wanted to share with everyone a few quick points:

Chakra Healing By Carol TuttleBefore I would move on to how Chakra healing is done, let me just give you the list of chakra healingthe 7 major Chakras located in the different parts of the body and the aspects of one’s life that it influence.

  • The Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine. Root Chakra would be related to finances, careers and the sense of being accepted.
  • The Sacral Chakra – Located in the lower abdomen. It is related to a person’s sexuality and in viewing pleasure.
  • The Personal Power Chakra – Located just above the navel. Related to feelings of self-worth and would affect how a person would deal with other people. This would also affect how the person would be wielding power.
  • The Heart Chakra – Located at the center of the chest. Portends to the matters of the heart. Affects being able to accept one’s self, relationships and feelings of love as well.
  • The Throat Chakra – Located that the throat. This would relate to how a person would express his or her feelings and opinions.
  • The Intuitive Chakra – Located in the forehead just between the eyes. Also called as the Brow chakra. This would relate to a person’s intuition or gut feeling.chakra healing
  • The Crown Chakra – Located at the top of the head. Related to one’s spirituality and belief in the divine being.

The different types and locations of the Chakras would greatly affect how a person’s life would be molded.  The Chakra 7 would be able to show you how to do Chakra healing, to be able to balance the flow of energy in the different energy centers of the body.

My Detailed Carol Tuttle‘s Chakra 7 Reviews

Benefits of learning Chakra healing through and through from Chakra 7:

  • You would be getting a step by step guide on how to open and unblock your Chakras.
  • Teaches you a visualization exercise to correctly identify the dominant Chakra in your life right now.
  • Show you how to heal the body from any injury and illness through the different Chakras.
  • Help you see the unconscious things that you are doing that leads to a life of discontent and misery.
  • Allows you access to Heaven Rushing In Technique to channel wealth, success and love in your life.
  • Helps you in dealing with emotions of guilt and loneliness.
  • Teach you a valuable tool called the gemstone therapy to help regain sexuality.
  • Have a guided meditation session.
  • Helps you to speak your mind and be confident of yourself.

chakra healingMy only complaint is I don’t like how old the video looks. The quality of the course is impeccable but I’m talking about the course carried out some time back. But if HD isn’t important :-) and the quantity and quality is important (as it should be) I do recommend this course.

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Carol Tuttle‘s Chakra 7 is a reliable power house of knowledge that gives you the guarantee that this is just not a compilation of mere techniques and random chatter. It offers proven quality tested methods that would bring about positive results through chakra healing in the different aspects of your life, making remarkable changes in your life. Here are some features of the Chakra 7 that are guaranteed to produce the desired effect.

  • A curriculum that is based on a structure. Meaning that the contents provided are presented in an organized manner for easier comprehension and faster learning process.
  • It teaches you by way of experiential training that involves the conscious and the subconscious mind.
  • Offers different types of learning modalities so that you can just choose the learning modality that would best suit you.
  • Methods and techniques can be applied in your daily life.chakra healing
  • Chakra 7 system consists of different types of resources like audios and training manuals.

Aside from the structure of the system the 9 healing modalities in Chakra 7 or Chakra Healing are:

  • Embedded Modality 1: Thai Yoga Therapy
  • Embedded Modality 2: Meditation
  • Embedded Modality 3: Visualization
  • Embedded Modality 4: Rapid Eye Technology (RET)
  • Embedded Modality 5: Crystal Healing
  • Embedded Modality 6: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Embedded Modality 7: Reframing
  • Embedded Modality 8: Breathing
  • Embedded Modality 9: Affirmations (Chanting)

The variety of imbedded healing modalities help you to find the best type of healing modality that would work well for your kind of personality. This feature is unique in the Chakra 7 making it an effective tool for your chakra healingquest for a much better life filed with contentment and happiness.

A lot of people may dismiss this age old method as something that is irrelevant from the past but they do not realize the wisdom that has already benefited a lot of people in eliminating stress to gaining financial independence. Chakra healing results to a healthy well-balanced and grounded personality of an individual.

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