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Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System Differences

Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System Differences Q & A

After seeing so many questions pouring in after opening up our new Q & A section ‘Ask Isabella Anything’ I decided to share some of the Q & A here on our blog. Here is a question from Penelope Brick in New Orleans about Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System Differences:

Dear Deep Spiritual Awakening team,

Warm greetings from New Orleans! Many thanks for giving me the subscription to your site.
I would like to buy the “The Silva Life System” from your site and avail the “Get $20 Back For Every Purchase” offer.

The “Instant Access” @ $97 (digital only) comes from Silva mind, but I am not sure how to place order on your web-site.  Please help.

Also, please tell me how is this program different from “Silva Intuition System” @ $129 ?
My profile – I am a corporate executive with 25 years of work experience and have been looking for a job at CXO level for the last 2 years but without success!

Thanks…Penelope Brick

Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System Differences


Hi Penelope,

Thank you for taking time to email us with your questions.

I will first address the Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System Differences – They are both programs based on the same fundamental Mind Methods which basically incorporate going to Alpha level and then think of it as being able to work at this level doing what you need, want – …whether it is for visualizing the dream life scenarios you would like (dream job, certain level of financial abundance and freedom, dream life partner, or certain personality traits that you wish you had)

…whether it is just to relax and unwind at a deep state of mind,

…whether its to channel your energy to do proxy healing / distance healing,

…whether it is to join in a group meditation to collectively give out love and positive energy to the world,

…whether it is to repeat affirmations at the Alpha state,

…whether it is to do so many things I cant possible write in one email because it is beyond the scope of this email. I will help you by telling you how I personally use the Alpha level and thereby explain how both programs are different. We are talking about intangible concepts here so do bear with me as I might go off on a slight tangent just to ensure I have you on the right track.

I use Silva mind methods for all of the above. Did it come easy? Gosh no. Ive practiced and practiced for very long but the good thing is like any habit, once you get used to it, it becomes easier.

I find it essential and wish more people in our world today would go into Alpha state (you will learn what this is and why this is beneficial as well as the important level to do any mental work in)

At this level, doing, thinking, imagining, creating, co-creating is taken to literally another dimension. Its not a miracle push button instant solution but it is the RIGHT way to do anything when it comes to what we want in life and what we want to change in our life.

Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System Differences & Entering Alpha States:

You can read the above list to see what I do when I personally go into Alpha. But I also find that it is absolutely important to get guidance I normally would not be able to tap into when Im in a wakeful Beta state of mind (the right/left, logical/creative etc. Dont worry that will be delved into in great detail so if it seems complicated now its normal. Thats another thing I like about Silva programs. I could waste hours researching google for free instead of just going to ONE authority text book almost and learning and referring to in the future)

Now let me talk about this “guidance” in some detail. And then I’ll touch on other concepts I discussed above.

I have learned how create a lab where I meet my assigned guides/angels/gurus whatever you want to call them. And ask questions like-
Am I doing the right thing by doing so and so?
Should I invest in so and so?
Must I deal with so and so person?
Which direction should my life be going?
Is this my career path or should I change and to what?

We humans were meant to ask enlightened beings but we were not taught how to access them and these “psychic” powers are not meant for a few. Dont let any one tell you that ok? Some are more tuned in so to say and can receive signals better and some people just need more training and experience. But no one is exempt from the spiritual gifts we were meant to be using. Though, with that said, I am not sure about powers like levitation and mind control but more basic gifts like “Intuition”, “Astral Projecting” etc. These are quite easily achieved with the right info and consistent use.

So what happens after I get answers and how do I know answers are not just fragments of my imagination? That is something you will polish on your own and know when your logical mind is not interfering.

I’ll further explain how Intuition is of immense value in everyday life. Have you heard of people who have saved losing millions of dollars because they listened to an inner voice or people who escaped violence because at the right time they stepped out of the street and a gang of thugs. All because of this inner signalling or messaging thats trying to communicate with us? So its not just money, safety, health, but often times it could be a sudden thought that says go here or call so and so and that one action would drastically change your life in a positive way. We use this gift of “Intuition” to listen to signs and messages that are being relayed out there but we dont pick up on.

Why arent more people doing this? Do you have the time? Do I? Thats the main issue. You need the diligence just as you would if you want to perfect playing the piano. You cant just tickle the ivories once and expect to turn into a classical pianist right? Same way! Same way!

Plus its scoffed upon and is not main stream. How many people laugh off these supposed “spiritual gifts”? Their loss if you ask me!

Its a beautiful work and I hope to change lives as learning, educating myself has for me.

Back to your question now about the difference in both programs. Now that you know what Intuition is and you know a small fraction of its uses and benefits, maybe you want more than that? I sure know I do!

Silva Life covers much more. And is almost the perfect first platform to step on you see. Let say you dont know yet if its just Intuition you want to polish but you want to touch on the right way to mediate, how learning all the mind methods will impact your wealth, health, partner, family, friends, career, dreams, aspirations, ideas. Everything touched on and not touched on, you want clarity and want a set blueprint on how to move forward. That way,  I would say yes Silva Life System is perfect.

Id say Silva Intuition should really be gotten into after Silva Life. And Im sure you see so too, after you read the above explanation.

I havent met anyone who cant see a use for using mind methods taught in Silva courses. Sometimes popular things are popular for a reason. They actually help people.

Wouldnt you like to learn how to heal someone at your side or far away who you love dearly? Wouldnt you want to know if you are fulfilling your lifes purpose? If you are in the right job or completely wrong one? What if you were meant to be in a different country with a different set of people? Why are you ill in certain areas of your body but not in others? What personality traits would you like to have – more confidence?

I feel after 3 weeks or so of daily sincere meditation with the right methods practiced, you will see drastic changes. From idiosyncrasies to attracting into your life what you were wishing for. Sudden chances or coincidences perhaps. Thats how it started for me to be quite honest. If it hadnt I wouldve thought it was all a rip off. I actually saw physical manifestations in my life of tiny things happening.

You need to learn how people around you are affecting you with their energies and how this impacts you.

You need to learn how to protect yourself psychically.

You need to learn how to visualize the correct way and what the seriously wrong ways are of reciting affirmations.

You need to learn how to connect with “Source”, with your “Higher Being”.

Its all there but whats keeping you. We all have individual circumstances that are different. I hope that you firstly get clarity with what you want most in life and then are able to visualize and attract what you deeply wish you had.

Meditating, Visualization, Using mind methods – just some of the things in life that can only be good for you.

So hope that explains the difference in both programs and how it is important for you. One course cant possibly teach you everything as each program Ive encountered touch on different topics so to see. For example-
protecting your psychic self was something I learned in astral projection courses
as for where I was going wrong with my affirmations I learned it in Silva Life.

Here is some of the physical sensations I feel by the way incase  I forget –
I usually feel like (when Im sitting cross legged) I cant feel the surface Im sitting on.
I feel vibrations of energy traveling up and down my body.
I feel tiny lights going off on my skin (thats the best way I can describe it best – it feels like millions of flight bulbs blinking)

Just for these sensations, I feel meditation is worth it dont you think. It almost feels like relaxation and a clear mind is just secondary symptoms. Did you get that? How amazing is that.

Thats how I say the gifts we can use, the realities we can mould with our mind are tertiary symptoms.

I am so passionate about this that I can go on and on talking about this. That is why I love to help others who are on my site and email club. I hope you feel the same way once you begin too.

Alright, now for the purchase. I am more than happy to process your $20 rebate. Since in the past we have had bad experiences with this rebate, we need to ensure you wait out the 90 day guarantee period. After that we can send you $20 into your paypal account.

The purchases can be made by clicking on any of the links on our websites but since you are here in this email, I’ll save you the trouble of shopping around on our site and you can make your choice here:
For Silva Life System, click here.
For Silva Intuition System, click here.

Whatever your choice may be, please know that we are here to answer questions. Not like others who pretend to listen. We really listen. I answer questions each one personally. I take whatever it is you are facing and help you through it. Usually within 24 hours because Im naturally drawn to this field of work :-) May you be blessed with love, light and abundance in every area of your life.

Helping you stay in the Vortex and hoping this answers your question on Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System Differences.

Deep Spiritual Awakening Team.

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