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Unlimited Abundance Review – Finally REAL Financial Freedom Help By Christie Marie Sheldon

UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEWUnlimited Abundance has a knack of zeroing in on what REALLY is keeping money at bay and in this Unlimited Abundance Review I’ll tell you in great detail the how, what, why etc. Christie Marie Sheldon is a sought after speaker & Energy Healer and leading expert on banishing subconscious wealth blocks. I’ve attracted a steady money flow after a surprise cash injection just when I needed it most like the Universe lined up for me perfectly. I also built some precious relationships and the most significant part is the focus is on content and not pitching. Over the months they sure have fine-tuned energy tools, exercises and insights so you don’t pay nearly half as much as June participants did!

These are big time closed door non-recorded (where the REAL SECRETS are shared) until everyone who didn’t get in (over 15,000) wanted IN! Being part of this is a MUST! You won’t just FEEL tangible energy sensations but SEE money inflow PLUS the actionable tips and strategies are worth paying for (better than the 75% more I paid)

Why Was Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Program Developed?

The program is the direct result of an online coaching call program that was run by prosperity coach and intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon. This program involved 400 participants and helped them to unlock their own abundance blocks. The program was a huge success and delivered some outstanding results for participants in the coaching call program.UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEW

Sheldon was unhappy with the program in only one respect: More people couldn’t have benefited from the knowledge that was shared. The coaching call program was priced at $999 and at that price was considered outstanding value considering some of the results that were achieved.

However, Sheldon understood that many people would not be able to afford to participate at the price level (No doubt due to abundance blocks!) and as such she needed to create a more affordable program. The result is the Unlimited Abundance Program which is a home study course.

UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEWOk and from the tons of books, courses, programs, DVDs, movies and materials I have gone through, on how the mind’s consciousness is directly related to the state of my life, this program is truly and uniquely special. I have tried many forms of Meditation and Visualization techniques but most were not able to provide for me the results I wanted. So I only report back the good quality ones on my website here. You won’t believe the plethora of junk out there that is a total waste of time so I don’t even waste my energy reporting those.

So anyhow, it was only recently that I discovered ‘Unlimited Abundance‘ by Christie Marie Sheldon. In my personal experience and do note again that I use a variety of self help tools daily, the addition of Unlimited Abundance to my schedule helped me become a catalyst for positive situations and allowing in creative ideas related to increasing my wealth. This program is definitely a well balanced one too.

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Unlimited Abundance Review

Unlimited Abundance Review Part 1 – What Are Abundance Blocks?

Abundance blocks are subconscious mental “roadblocks” which stop us from achieving the kind of wealth and financial freedom that most of us dream of. An example of an abundance block would be “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “Money is the root of all evil.”UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEW

Abundance roadblocks can be incredibly damaging to our ability to generate wealth because they are so deeply entrenched in our mind that we are often not even aware of them. These beliefs are typically informed at a very young age from our parents, peer groups and culture. Unless we identify these abundance blocks and remove them then it is very difficult to achieve long term financial stability.

What Is Included In The Program?

I know this might be the most obvious part of my Unlimited Abundance Review as you may already be aware of what the program consists of but I will share this info anyway for those who might not know what’s in it.

Unlimited Abundance consists of 24 clearing sessions lead by Christie Marie Sheldon. These are available for instant download once you have made your purchase. You also receive transcripts and notes which support the clearing sessions and show you how to get the most out of them. The MP3 files can be played using any digital media player, so you can listen to them on you iPod, iPad, laptop, or stereo. This makes using the content very convenient to use. One word of warning – the clearing sessions work best when you are not distracted and its best to give them your full attention. Therefore you might not want to use them when you are performing another activity that requires your mental focus such as driving a car.UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEW

Unlimited Abundance Review Part 2 – Pros / Benefits Of Program:

The exact benefits of Unlimited Abundance vary from person to person depending on the abundance blocks that the person has For example people who experience stress related to money, these people find that this is relieved after using the program. By removing financial stress from their life they are able to attract abundance into their lives.

Others who are subconsciously repelling money because they have negative associations to it, are able to develop a more positive relationship to wealth. Of course the most important benefit is the actual financial impact it can have. Using the program can lead to getting that dream job, experiencing a financial windfall, decreasing debts or building up a profitable business (anyone else want to be their own boss and stop the nine to five madness?).UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEW

The benefits I personally received are the results of having the abundance blocks removed in my life through the ‘Unlimited Abundance’ journey. As much as I stay diligent and consistently work on my progress, I still have some blocks that are resistant and need greater upheaval. Some of the common abundance blocks that I am working on using Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon modules are:

  • The world’s greatest lie
  • Ignoring the rules of consciousness
  • The false judgment trap – My favorite recommendation!
  • Abundance-sapping choices
  • Failing to sow your garden
  • Fearing the ‘I’ word
  • Rejecting what you’re given
  • Not knowing your magic numbers
  • A negative spiral
  • Unaligned results and values – Very important lesson I found that shattered some disbelief’s!
  • Smoke and mirrors
  • Financial clutter – This will rock your world!
  • The massive action trap
  • The blame game
  • The fear of being an inventor
  • Turning a blind eye to your future
  • Ignorance of your true value
  • The trap that won’t let you go – It’s not just a catchy module title, there are some valuable trinkets of info I got in here!
  • Reaching for the sky instead of the stars
  • Being a neat freak – This one was very difficult for me to tackle as I can be a perfectionist and clean freak and how that affects performance and stress levels!
  • Not matching your heart to your money
  • Keeping yourself to yourself
  • Giving your talents the cold shoulder

Unlimited Abundance Review Part 3- Commitment Requirement

The amount of time you will need to commit to the program will depend on how fast you want to see results. It is recommended that if you want to see the fastest results with the program that you commit to listening to a full session each day. This will take approximately three quarters of an hour.


Most people find that it works best if you listen to the clearing exercises first thing in the morning so that you are able to spend the rest of the day in an optimal state. Listening to the MP3’s first thing in the morning also helps because at this time of the day the mind is the most receptive to new information. Some people may not be able to commit to the full three quarters of an hour each morning. That doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit. But it does mean that the progress you make may be slightly slower.

I feel it important to say something – if someone told me that without ANY effort at all, I would suddenly just change and all my limiting beliefs and abundance blocks would vanish, I would see red flags. Anything worth pursuing requires effort, remember that!

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Any There Any Problems With The Program?

I will give you a quick list below but here I go into detail. One thing that you need to be aware of is that when you purchase this program you are getting the “real” Christie Marie Sheldon. Some people love her approach to self improvement while others do not. Christie Marie Sheldon certainly isn’t afraid to inject personality into the program and doesn’t try to remove the quirks which make her distinctive.

To give an example, throughout the program you will often hear Sheldon giggling or laughing. To some people this may come across as unprofessional. If you like a completely polished and professional at all times approach, Unlimited Abundance might not be for you. However this is not to say that the production value or content isn’t first class.

UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEWThe program has been produced by Mind Valley which is the biggest name in digital personal development courses. Secondly you need to look at the results that people have achieved and see that what Sheldon is talking about actually does work. Finally many people love Christie Marie Sheldon’s down to earth approach to teaching.

You may think that the list of the money blocks I have listed above is a very long list. On the contrary, these are just some of the most COMMON abundance blocks that myself and each person has in life. I didn’t even realize that I had most of these abundance blocks in my life until I was started with Unlimited Abundance.

I learned that although I desire to have more money and wealth, my innermost view on money had basically kept the money and abundance from flowing into my life freely. It usually can feel like a struggle for me. I don’t view money as evil but I have always believed that too much money can turn a person’s heart greedy and uncaring.

UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEWFrom the several phone sessions during the time I went through ‘Unlimited Abundance’ by Christie Marie Sheldon, I was able to see the talents that I have overlooked for most of my life. Family and upbringing, schooling, university, past and present friends circle, all of it. It was very overwhelming at first but it gradually eased up for me.

I am really grateful for the Unlimited Abundance journey. UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEWI remembered how good I am at my job. I even got the courage to market some of my ideas which became an instant success. Before I realized it, I was getting so many orders from UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEWclients who heard through word of mouth that I realized the only secret to my success was my new found beliefs. I truly felt like I could achieve anything that I wanted to do. Now, I am able to provide for my family and we’ve been to a few exotic trips and cruises to some parts of the world. With my middle class childhood, I never thought today with the help of tools like ‘Unlimited Abundance’ (& others you can read about here at our site), I would live a comfortable life. I’ll tell you, it’s not the money, its the freedom and the options you get with the money.

Unlimited Abundance pros and cons personal summary:UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEW


  • This is no one size fits all type of program. It is personalized to fit the different needs and types of persons attending the program.
  • You get a support group where you can share your new found beliefs and positive idea.
  • It does not take a lot of your time, just 2 hours per week over a 12 week period which is essential to us busy folks.
  • ‘Unlimited Abundance’ by Christie Marie Sheldon has a very comprehensive scope.
  • I benefited greatly from the power of collective intent. My desires and goals are reinforced by the group making it more powerful.


  • The Unlimited Abundance journey can only accommodate 200 people and is offered for a limited time only. There shoUNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEWuld be a way to accommodate more than the specified a people per batch so that more people would be able to benefit from it.

My Final Thoughts & Summary:

Virtually all of us are suffering from abundance blocks which stop us from realizing our financial dreams. Unlimited Abundance is a very practical way of removing those blocks so that we are able to achieve our wealth goals. One important thing to note before buying is that the program is back by a ninety day money back guarantee.

Three months is plenty of time to see if the program is delivering results for your own financial life. The guarantee is backed by MindValley which is one of the most reputable and well known brands in the personal development space, and so there is actually very little risk in trying it out for yourself.UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEW

Unlike many other personal development programs and books, Unlimited Abundance doesn’t just give you theory and ideas. Instead you receive an actionable program to follow that unlocks the abundance blocks at their roots. Provided that you are willing to make a consistent commitment to following the clearing sessions each day the results can be outstanding.UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEW

To conclude, I would recommend Unlimited Abundance to all who would like to live a life without feeling that “everything” is always lacking. This program is really a must if you want to be free of financial worries and debts in life, to be able to appreciate and see life in a whole new glorious perspective.

The personalized approach is like no other I have sampled and it came at a time in my life UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON REVIEWI needed the pick me up. You will get a chance to tackle all problems from all angles and get unlimited support for your very personal questions which is what I found most appealing. The course and personal + group sessions are priceless.

UPDATE: Unlimited Abundance is now out as a home study course which is much much cheaper than I purchased for. I spent several hundred but now the price has been reduced PLUS there’s a $100 discount. I definitely recommend you get in now before they pull out the special offer. I’ve noticed they are serious about their claims. When they said only a few get in, the doors WERE closed so after this Unlimited Abundance Review the doors might close soon.

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